Sam Asghari Shows Off Body Transformation After Dropping 40 Pounds Following Britney Spears Split

The former personal trainer says he has 'more time to focus' on himself and goes through a spiritual and energy shift after calling it quits with the 'Hold It Against Me' songstress.

AceShowbiz - Sam Asghari has been dealing with his marital separation from Britney Spears well. Instead of dwelling on his heartbreak, the model/actor has been focusing on his fitness and now he reveals the stunning result.

In new photos obtained by Page Six, the 29-year-old shows off his body transformation after dropping 40 pounds in the past five months. He looks thinner than ever while flaunting his six-pack abs and flexing his arm muscles.

"So, in the past five months I've had a little transformation which was losing about a good 35 to 40 pounds," Sam tells the outlet. "Sometimes when you are in a situation that you don't get to necessarily focus on yourself, it could be challenging for you to notice [your physique changes] but everybody else does."

The former personal trainer says he went through a "spiritual" and "energy" shift recently. He adds, "I have more time for myself to focus on myself. Being by yourself and alone is a really good opportunity to focus on yourself."

The Iranian-born hunk notes that his transformation is "not necessarily a revenge body, but a self-love sort of thing." He explains, "Sometimes you get too focused on yourself," before adding that "self-love is something everyone should practice."

Sam, who recently teamed up with PETA in a shirtless photo shoot for the organization's latest adoption campaign, won't likely flaunt his stunning physique to lure girls. The "Special Ops: Lioness" star says he has no intention to be back on the dating game anytime soon.

"I'm focusing on work at the moment," the "Hacks" star shares his plans. He adds, "I definitely won't be joining any dating apps any time soon. That's for sure."

Sam filed for divorce from Britney in August after only 14 months of marriage, citing irreconcilable differences. Following their split, he gained custody of their Doberman Portia, which he purchased to "protect" the singer in 2021.

Sam says that he has "learned a lot" from his time working with PETA. "I love Portia dearly, but I now realize the importance of adopting and rescuing animals from shelters," he says. He urges others, "Always adopt, never buy. Animal homelessness is at an all-time high, and buying dogs is only making it worse. We need to stop supporting pet stores and breeders and start adopting from shelters or rescue groups."

Now that he is a single dog dad, Sam says he may adopt a puppy if his schedule allows. "In the near future for sure," he shares, claiming that his current work schedule doesn't allow him the additional "responsibility" that raising a new puppy requires.

"You know, you can't just fall in love with a puppy and get it. You have to think about if you can provide it with the right attention," he explains. "Portia and I will spend some time together and when there's a steady schedule and less work I will definitely look into possibly getting a bunch of other pets as well."

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