Barbra Streisand Too 'Lazy' to Make Acting Comeback
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The 'Evergreen' singer admits she 'gets lazy' and would rather enjoy her spare time with her family instead of getting herself busy with making a new movie.

AceShowbiz - Barbra Streisand hasn't returned to acting because she "gets lazy" and enjoys having "time off." The 81-year-old singer/actress hasn't many any new movie since starring in 2012 comedy "The Guilt Trip" with Seth Rogen, and she's now confessed the process of making films can be "exhausting" and she would rather be relaxing at home.

"It gets exhausting, trying to come up with the structure of the movie and then have it not happen. If I could have made my movies, I never would've written a book [her memoir 'My Name Is Barbra']," she told PEOPLE magazine.

"I had such good movies to make, meaning they were about things I cared about, very interesting subjects … Why did I only make 19 movies in my lifetime? I had many movies that I wanted to make, and then I get lazy. I go, 'Oh yeah, to do this one, I have to have all these fittings for period clothes. This one, I'd have to live in Arkansas to do this one.' "

The double Oscar-winner added, "I don't know. It's complicated, but I am complicated, I guess … I get lazy. Bette Davis made 80 movies. I made 19. She's a wonderful actress and she liked working. I like time off."

Barbra has opened up about her life and career in her recently released memoir "My Name Is Barbra" and divulged secrets including the alias she uses to go incognito. In the book, she explained she uses the name Angelina Scarangella whenever she wants privacy and even adopted the alias when she was in hospital giving birth to her son Jason Gould, 56, with first husband Elliott Gould.

She wrote, "I thought it sounded so beautiful, and I used it for years, whenever I wanted to be incognito. At Mount Sinai Hospital, where I gave birth to my son, Jason, I was listed as Angelina Scarangella." However, Barbra admitted she'll have to change the name now she has revealed it to the world.

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