Kenan Thompson Addresses His 'Ridiculous' Beef With Kel Mitchell
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The 'Saturday Night Live' funnyman talks about his past friction with 'Good Burger' co-star and how the 'ridiculous' feud ended in a five-minute phone call.

AceShowbiz - Kenan Thompson ended his "ridiculous" feud with Kel Mitchell in a five-minute phone call. The two actors found fame together co-starring in sketch show "All That" while they also appeared in Nickelodeon series "Kenan and Kel" and 1997 movie "Good Burger" but they later stopped talking and Kenan, 45, admits the rift started as a separation but grew into a "falling out."

"It was more of a separation that kind of grew into the traditional terms of what a falling out is, which is like not a lot of communication," he explained during an appearance on the "Today" show.

"Originally, it was just us kind of looking for our own individualism, basically, as adults, taking a breather from being a duo because we both came into the game as individuals. And we were placed together because we worked so well together and all that. It was just a journey of being adults. Time passes and more time passes and it just became ridiculous."

He went on to insist that as time went on, they both "even remember what it was" that caused the feud in the first place, so they got in contact over the phone and mended their friendship in a matter of minutes.

Kenan added, "When you have a real friendship, it was five minutes into the phone call, we were back. It was like, what were we waiting on all this time? You just never really know until you actually have that talk."

The pair reunited to make "Good Burger 2" which hit cinemas last month, and Kenan regrets losing so much time with his friend over the years. He concluded, "It's also time wasted, which is one of the biggest crimes I think you can do in life, is just waste time. It feels so good to be back with my brother and the movie is doing well. We're so appreciative, looking forward to the next chapters."

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