Kaia Gerber Talks About Stealing Mom Cindy Crawford's Clothes

The 22-year-old model has been inspired by her supermodel mother's 'very classic style' as she discusses her fashion choices in a recent magazine interview.

AceShowbiz - Kaia Gerber has followed her mum Cindy Crawford's "classic style." The 22-year-old model/actress has talked about her fashion choices and revealed her supermodel mum Cindy is her biggest inspiration because she's been stealing clothes from her wardrobe for years.

"My mum has always had very classic style. And I've always snuck into her closet and stolen her clothes. She has a less is more attitude to hair and make-up which I inherited from her; I would say that neither of us is maximalist at all," she told Elle magazine.

However, Kaia also aspires to embrace the "cool French girls" aesthetic. She added, "Mostly, I look to the cool French girls to know what to wear and what works. I love the style of Jane Birkin and Francoise Hardy. My mantra is if it's comfortable and you feel good in it, then wear it. I think dressing for yourself is truly the only important thing about anything you wear."

Kaia previously revealed which of her famous mum's iconic looks she would choose to recreate and she admitted she would like to do a "new version" of the famous white vest and jeans combination seen in Cindy's 1992 Pepsi commercial.

She told People, "There's so many that I love and that I think are so iconic. The red Oscars dress I've always thought was just so beautiful. But it's like some things are just so good you don't even want to touch them. And I think some of those moments I'm just like, 'Leave them there,' you know? I definitely think the Pepsi thing would be fun. But if they're going to do her - it has to be the iconic commercial, but a new version of that."

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