T.I. Confronts Atlanta Club for Using Photo of His and King Harris' Fight on Promotional Flyer

In a video circulating online, the 'What You Know' hitmaker goes off on employees at Elleven45 Lounge for using a Photoshopped image of him putting his son in a chokehold to promote an event.

AceShowbiz - T.I. is letting everyone know that they should not play with his family. The rapper/actor lost his cool after finding out that a club owner used a photo of him and his son King Harris on a promotional flyer without his prior consent.

The flyer in question featured a Photoshopped image of him putting his son in a chokehold. It was meant to poke fun at the fight between the father-son duo that took place over the weekend and to increase clubgoers.

But Tip wasn't having it. One day before the scheduled event was supposed to take place, he popped up at Elleven45 Lounge and confronted everyone at the venue. In a video circulating online, he was seen yelling at the employees while being joined by his entourage at the entrance of the establishment.

"N***a, you can talk to me! Until then, ain't nothin' goin'! Ain't nobody gettin' nothing goin'. Nothing!" he said, threatening to shut down the party unless they changed the flyer. He added, "Call who you need to call, do what you need to do! Ain't nothing happenin'. No money, no beers, no-no partyin', no sections, nothing!"

"You put me and mine on the mothaf**kin' flyer, n***a get me everything," the 43-year-old continued. "And if you can't, don't play with me. I don't know if y'all from here, but n***a, don't play with me in this city. It's my mothaf**kin' city."

T.I.'s rant was enough to scare the club owner because they later scrambled to change the flyer. According to TMZ, the event went on as planned and T.I., King as well as Domani were seen pulling up to the event.

In other news, T.I.'s wife Tiny Harris a.k.a. Tameka Cottle has shut down rumors that T.I. is not King's biological father. On Thursday, November 30, she took to her Instagram Story to respond to a headline which read, "Oh Wow Did Y'all Know TI Allegedly May Not Be King's Biological Father."

The rumors apparently originated from a Facebook post which read, "I just got word from a reputable source... #King was told his biological father is #Bimmy and that's why he said #TIPS history is a mystery... And that it's all cap..."

After it was reposted by The Uncutt, Tiny slammed the claims, "Man this is the biggest bulls**t ever!!!" She added, "No disrespect but I don't even know Bimmy like that! I was just reminded of who he was. Quit playing with us for click bait b***h!"

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