SZA Slams 'Selfish' Fans Who Leaked Her Unfinished Music: 'They Ruin Them'

The Grammy Award-winning artist says people leaking her unfinished songs is like sending her 'into a weird space creatively' because they could have just waited for her.

AceShowbiz - SZA was upset at people who leaked her unfinished music. The "Snooze" songstress said that releasing her songs without her permission is the same as ruining them.

"When people leak my songs, they ruin them. Then it's not mine anymore; it's actually yours," the 34-year-old stated in an interview with Variety. "It's something unfinished that you decided was ready to be shared."

"It's like, 'F**k you. Now I'm not releasing it.' Play your leak, but you're not gonna bully me into dropping music," the Grammy-winning artist argued. "I'm now embarrassed by this less-than-correct version that you put out. You've sent me into a weird space creatively when you could have just waited for me, but you're selfish."

Elsewhere in the interview, SZA explained why she made a lot of sad songs. "I guess it's because I get bored as f**k writing about anything that isn't, like, super embarrassing," she elaborated. "And I feel like those things that I don't want to say or acknowledge about myself are [songwriting] material - if it interests me to the point where it's worth the risk."

"There's mad aspects to my life," she continued. "But people don't really know that, because all I sing about are the hidden aspects that I think are more interesting. Honestly, I could write about jet-skiing with my friends, but I don't want to make a song about that, and I don't want to hear a song about it either."

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