Netflix 'Unlikely' Fires Noah Schnapp From 'Stranger Things' Despite Zionist Stickers Backlash

The Will Byers depicter on the hit series recently faced huge backlash after he was seen promoting 'Zionism is sexy' and 'Hamas is Isis' stickers in an Instagram Story video.

AceShowbiz - Netflix reportedly has reacted to the controversy surrounding "Stranger Things" star Noah Schnapp. The Will Byers depicter recently faced huge backlash after he was seen promoting "Zionism is sexy" and "Hamas is Isis" stickers in an Instagram Story video.

According to a new report by The Streamr, the streaming giant is keeping an eye on Noah's behavior following the controversy. The news outlet, however, notes that it's unlikely that the actor will be fired from, recast or get his character killed off in the fifth and final season of "Stranger Things".

While Netflix has yet to comment on the report, fans responded to it with rage. Some users pointed out that the lackluster response from Netflix was due to double standard in favor for white men. "If he were a woman or any other race he would have been fired immediately. White privilege at its finest," one wrote.

"if it was millie, sadie or caleb they'd be fired immediately," another said, referring to other "Stranger Things" cast members Millie Bobby Brown, Sadie Sink and Caleb McLaughlin. Similarly, one other user noted, "If it was a POC they would've been fired a long time ago."

Some others mentioned actress Melissa Barrera, who was immediately fired from "Scream 7" ("Scream VII") after showing her support for Palestine amid the ongoing Palestine-Israel conflict. "Yet melissa barrera is already fired from the Scream movies franchise BECAUSE SHE STANDS WITH PALESTINE. absolutely outrageous, white man privilege is real and its appalling," one penned. Echoing the sentiment, another fuming fan added, "If melissa was fired for saying people shouldnt die as the lead actress he should be fired too."

Noah, who is American Jewish, sparked outrage earlier this month after a viral video featured him and his friends giggling at a cafe while showing off "Zionism is sexy" and "Hamas is ISIS" stickers to the camera. One of his pals even made a silly face while putting the controversial stick on his forehead.

Upon catching wind of the clip, "Stranger Things" fans called for season 5 boycott with someone urging others, "do not watch stranger things when s5 comes out. do not talk about it, do not share it. this is who youre supporting if you do. its time we deplatform zionists like this who use their fame to promote violent pro-israel propaganda."

"will not be watching this year, and i hope ya'll won't either!!!! we don't wanna watch a zion*st #boycottstrangerthings," one other declared. Another user tweeted, "Someone leak the ending of Stranger Things plz. I just wanna know what happens, but I don't wanna watch that Zionist Noah Schnapp who thinks Genocide is Sexy. #BoycottStrangerThings."

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