Katie Price's Autistic Son Destroyed Her Home During Recent Meltdowns

Harvey Price, whose absent father is retired soccer player Dwight Yorke, vented his frustrations last week by smashing up windows, door, and televisions at his mom's house.

AceShowbiz - Katie Price's son Harvey Price wrecked her home last week. The mother-of-five's 21-year-old son - whose absent father is former footballer, Dwight Yorke - struggles with a number of complex health conditions, including septo-optic dysplasia, autism and Prader-Willi syndrome, and he's often having meltdowns and taking it out on his possessions and surroundings.

He had a major outburst last week at his mum's 'Mucky Mansion' that saw him take out multiple windows, a door, and two televisions. Harvey also suffers from bed-wetting.

According to The Sun, Katie told the crowd attending her live podcast tour show at the Lowry Theatre in Salford, "Last week he broke three windows, two tellies and one door and ruined a mattress as he still wets the bed so I was like I can't wait for him to go [back to college] this time but I love him so much."

"He must have heard me say that. He sent me a message when he got back to college - 'Mummy, I miss you so much, I need cuddles and kisses and it makes Harvey sad that mummy needs a break.' "

Katie recently insisted that although Harvey - who lives in a special school with the hope he can one day live independently - can be destructive, she accepts the expensive breakages in her home are just something that happens when her son is around.

She told The Guardian newspaper, "He still bangs his head, still smashes things. He smashed the car window. It hasn't been fixed yet. There's no telly in here, because he smashed it again. And he's just smashed an iPad, so I've bought another one for him. That's just Harvey."

Katie also revealed she invites Dwight to see their son every year on his birthday. The 45-year-old model has raised her eldest child without any input from his biological father but she won't give up hope that the football coach will one day want to meet his offspring.

She said, "The door is always open. I would love the day I see Dwight and Harvey in front of each other. My mum still contacts his manager every year, and asks does he want to see Harvey for his birthday, and it's always the same - no."

The former "Loose Women" star wants Dwight to know how much he is missing out on by not having Harvey in his life. She said, "I just want Dwight to know what a gorgeous young man Harvey is. Harvey has so much banter. He's just a funny little b******. You never know what's going to come out of his mouth. He rules the roost when he's home."

And Katie - who also has Junior, 18, and Princess, 16, with first husband Peter Andre, and Jett, 10, and Bunny, nine, with third ex-husband Kieran Hayler - adores the unconditional love she receives from Harvey. She said, "One thing I love about Harvey is that he doesn't judge me. He just loves me. He just wants my love and cuddles."

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