Bre Tiesi Blames 'Selling Sunset' for Airing Her Claim About Michael B. Jordan Hookup
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The real estate agent, who is now in an open relationship with TV host and comedian Nick Cannon, admits thhat she has learned her lesson after facing backlash for bringing up her hookup claim with the 'Creed' actor.

AceShowbiz - Bre Tiesi didn't mean to brag about her hookup with Michael B. Jordan. The reality star made the claim during season 7 of "Selling Sunset", but she said her conversation was not supposed to be filmed.

"We were all having girl talk, and we were sitting and resetting the cameras - it wasn't a conversation that was technically [meant to be filmed]," the 32-year-old told Entertainment Tonight on Tuesday, November 7. "I know better and that’s my own fault. I know better."

Bre, who is now in an open relationship with Nick Cannon, went on to note that she's learned her lesson about being in a reality show. "I've definitely learned a lot these last few seasons but that was in no way me trying to be like 'Oh, I did X, Y and Z,' " she shared. "I was actually having a conversation and I had said that I had had a baby with my celebrity crush, but that didn't make it."

In the November 3 episode of "Selling Sunset", Bre chatted and had dinner in Los Angeles with her co-stars, including Chrishell Stause, Amanza Smith and Emma Hernan. During the fun conversation, Chrishell asked, "Who would you sleep with celebrity-wise? Who would you pick?"

Amanza was the first to answer by saying, "Michael B. Jordan." In response, Bre pointed out, "I could do that, and I've done that." Shocked, Emma could be seen putting her hands up to her face before asking, "Oh! You have?! Oh! Oh, my God! I wanna live through that vagina right now!" Bre further bragged, "I've slept with all of my favorites." However, she later declared that she was "kidding."

It did not take long for Bre to be bombarded with criticisms over the claim. On X, formerly known as Twitter, one critic wrote, "Here go the major attempt to go viral and become trending smh." Another sarcastically penned, "Lets congratulate her on being an adult and having consensual sexual relations with another adult. Why is this even a thing lmao." A third chimed in, "So have I.. big deal. Michael sleeps with everyone."

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