Summer Walker Praised Over Strong Message Demanding the End of 'Genocide' in Palestine

The 'Girls Need Love' songstress takes to her Instagram account to show support for Palestine, condemning the 'genocide' happening in Gaza strip at the hands of Israel.

AceShowbiz - Summer Walker is the latest celebrity to break silence on the ongoing Palestine-Israel conflict. The "Girls Need Love" songstress took to her Instagram account to show support for Palestine, condemning the "genocide" happening in Gaza strip at the hands of Israel.

"To my fans, those who have been seeing what's going on and those who haven't yet, who should be, this message is one that shouldn't need to be said, however, is a clear must. The genocide and execution of innocent lives, those of children, women, men & elders in Palestine & Gaza needs to stop," Summer wrote in a lengthy statement on Instagram Stories on Tuesday, November 7.

The mom of one continued, "As an artist - a black woman artist, who is not the most versed in global politics, I didn't quite know where my position or voice was needed, however, I can no longer stand by and watch as thousands of children and innocent civilians are targeted under the mask & propaganda of combating terrorism."

Not afraid of getting differing opinions, Summer added, "I've faced criticism when being outspoken in support of Black Lives Matter yet I can't allow the shaming we, as artists, face keep me silent. I do not have answers or know all of the political discourse but I know what is wrong."

Calling what happening in Palestine "an unprecedented mass murder and attempt to exterminate a people who are fighting for sovereignty and a right to survive," the "Karma" singer stressed, "There is no excuse, justification or rationale for the continued & persistent attacks and bombing of children who have no hand in this war. … As a mother I can say all children are our children. Born in this land or not. Born from us or not. We must love all children. We are all mothers to children. Let our children live."

"Whoever you pray to, whatever you refer to Them, They are watching and there is no way that They can agree with what is happening. …. Humanity deserves to live safely. Cease fire. Free Palestine. End this genocide. Free all people," she concluded. The R&B star also provided information about ways to support Palestine, including donating, learning about the history of Israel's occupation of Palestine and joining local protests.

Fans immediately applauded Summer for her post. "THATS HOW YOU DO IT. QUEEN," one fan raved. "She is my favourite idolll I love her soooooo muchhh let’s gooooo periodttt," someone added.

Some others, meanwhile, dragged Selena Gomez, Harry Styles and Taylor Swift. "if summer walker can have a clear stance, why can't a unicef ambassador (selena gomez) figure her sh1* out?" a critic questioned. For the record, Selena's beauty brand Rare Beauty donated to Palestine after the "Only Murders in the Building" actress faced major backlash for allegedly playing victim and taking a neutral stance in the matter.

Another commenter said, "No but if summer walker is able to speak out about this I don’t get why Harry styles and Taylor swift are silent when the Israeli gov is using Taylor for pr and Harry who has been very vocal about the Ukraine war."

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