Julia Fox Angry at 'Really Dark' Misogynistic Comments Over Kanye West Fling

The 'Uncut Gems' actress insists she's 'so much more' than just Kanye's former fling as she talks about facing misogynistic comments because of her love life.

AceShowbiz - Julia Fox sometimes regrets dating Kanye West because their brief relationship has overshadowed the rest of her life. The "Uncut Gems" actress hooked up with the "Stronger" rapper for just six weeks at the beginning of the year and she admitted it "sucks" that she's constantly asked about their romance and it is regarded as the way she made her name.

"People are like, 'Oh her relationship with Kanye put her on the map.' And it's been really hard for them to see me as anything other than that. Even having written this memoir, people still want to just talk about that. It's really misogynistic. It's really dark," Julia - who is promoting her memoir "Down the Drain" - told the Daily Telegraph newspaper.

"But there's also a very long history of doing this to women, where the woman's rank in society really came from the man she was married to. And it just sucks because there are times where I'm like, I just wish I never did it. I'm so much more than that."

After her relationship with Kanye ended, Julia lost several million-dollar fashion deals and a number of promised movie roles, and though she is currently hoping to turn her memoir into a movie and is seeking funding for a script she's written, the 33-year-old actress still doesn't think she's being taken seriously by Hollywood.

Asked if she thinks she is being taken seriously again, she said, "Not really. But like I said, I never expected to be anything but underestimated. Otherwise I would be miserable."

Julia is not surprised she's been hit by rumours her book was penned by a ghost-writer and insisted most of the criticism she faces is a result of "envy." She said, "Well, of course, because you're only allowed to be smart if you're ugly. Any setting I was ever in, I could feel envy, fixation, obsession. And a lot of the time it materialised as bullying, ostracisation, or idealisation. But I never set out to be famous. I hate this world."

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