Billy Connolly No Longer Able to Dress Himself Amid Parkinson's Disease Battle

The 'Indecent Proposal' actor 'hates being dependent' so much on other people as he now needs help for such a simple task as putting on clothes everyday.

AceShowbiz - Sir Billy Connolly is unable to dress himself any more. The 80-year-old comedian found out he had Parkinson's disease - which causes uncontrollable movements, such as shaking, stiffness, and difficulty with coordination - 10 years ago and he admitted his life has changed "radically" and he hates being "dependent" so much on other people, including wife Pamela Stephenson.

"My life has changed radically. I walk with a stick and at airports I have to get the wheelchair. I hate being dependent to that degree and I feel sorry for other people who are in wheelchairs and who have [it] worse than me," he said on BBC Radio 4's "Today" programme.

"But it's a thing I just have to put up with. My wife puts my clothes on in the morning. It's not very manly. Your mum puts your clothes on. I'm clumsy and I lose my balance. I'm out of balance a lot and I fall. I'm fed up with it."

And Billy admitted he has been having issues with his memory and even forgot the name of his pet dog. He said, "My memory is short. I forgot the name of one of my dogs, which is really awkward when you're shouting to it in the street. You have to say 'hey doggy doggy,' which is terrible. I felt embarrassed for the dog. You could tell it knew."

But despite his struggles, the Scottish star has retained a positive attitude. He said, "I think I have a good attitude to it. I say to the disease 'I'll give you a break if you give me a break'. We're nice to each other... I shake a bit. I don't shake every day, all the time. But for about an hour or two I'll shake and when I'm drawing it spoils it. Then I conquered it. I draw with shakes in it and it works."

"I think most things can be conquered and especially the depression. Depression is such a complex affair, but you have to conquer it, take it on face-to-face and refuse to be part of it. I've always been easily made to laugh. I am a lucky man with my sense of humour. I can laugh myself out of most things."

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