The Rock Angered Ryan Reynolds With His Tardiness on Set of 'Red Notice'

Rumors are flying around about Dwayne Johnson's habit of showing up late on movie sets with a reported feud during production of 2021 movie 'Red Notice' and upcoming film 'Red One'.

AceShowbiz - In the glamorous yet grueling world of Hollywood filmmaking, tensions can run high, especially amid the unprecedented challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. One such instance of this tension came to light recently involving two of the industry's biggest stars, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and Ryan Reynolds, during the production of the 2021 Netflix hit, "Red Notice".

The alleged confrontation centered around Johnson's reported habitual tardiness, sparking a debate about professionalism and respect in the pressure-cooker environment of a film set.

According to TMZ, the friction between the stars arose after Reynolds confronted Johnson about his continual late arrivals, which were significantly affecting their tight shooting schedule. Despite the rumored spat, sources close to the situation affirm that the actors have since resolved their differences and are now on good terms.

An insider revealed to Page Six, "There was no stomping off set … no loud argument that's not true." The source further emphasized that the rift, now considered "water under the bridge," occurred "at the height of COVID" when "tensions were high."

However, allegations of Johnson's tardiness have not been confined to the set of "Red Notice". The Wrap reported similar behavior during the production of his upcoming film, "Red One", claiming that Johnson's late arrivals escalated production costs by at least $50 million.

In defense, a spokesperson for Amazon MGM Studios praised Johnson and his production company, Seven Bucks, asserting that any reports of chronic tardiness were "ridiculous and false."

Further stirring the pot, sources told The Wrap about another of Johnson's on-set habits - urinating in water bottles to save time, though two individuals close to the production of "Red One" denied that Johnson would ask assistants to dispose of the bottles.

Johnson himself has previously spoken about the practice, framing it as a necessity during his rigorous workout sessions.

As reports circulate and denials are issued, the saga highlights the complexities and pressures of film production, especially during a global pandemic. Above all, it paves a way for the importance of dialogue, understanding, and professionalism among Hollywood's elite, qualities that Johnson and Reynolds appear to have in ample supply as they moved past their disagreement.

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