Marilyn Monroe Warned Joan Collins of the 'Wolves' in Hollywood

The late 'Some Like it Hot' actress once told the 'Dynasty' star to be careful with the 'wolves' in Hollywood when the two women ran into each other at a celebrity party.

AceShowbiz - Dame Joan Collins was alerted to the "wolves" in Hollywood by Marilyn Monroe. The 90-year-old actress ran into the late Hollywood legend - who died in 1962 at the age of 36 - during a party early on in her career in the mid-1950s and explained that Marilyn had told her to be aware of predatory studio bosses in the film industry.

"I did meet Marilyn Monroe and there was a party at Gene Kelly's house. Everybody was very intellectual. I went over to Marilyn, she was looking a bit lost, looking very un-Marilynish, no make-up, her hair not really done. But she still looked pretty," she said on UK TV show "Loose Women".

"And she said, 'Oh you're doing 'The Girl in the Red Velvet Swing'. They wanted me to do that but I was too old.' She was 29 or 30. She said 'You're new in town, one of the things that you have to watch is the wolves in Hollywood. If they don't get what they want, they will cancel your contract.' "

Joan had adopted a "feisty" attitude because of warnings from her father, but admitted that cost her work. She said, "I was quite feisty because I had a father who was a theatrical agent and he told me the perils of the industry. He told me that young girls would meet predatory older producers and he told me to not let them get too close and to laugh at them. It destroys his ego. Oh yes, [I lost work], most definitely."

The "Dynasty" star went on to add that she has never been "intimidated" by anyone in particular and believes that comes from growing up in London during World War II. She said, "I think it was being a little girl during the Blitz with those bombs coming down, everybody singing. My intimidation was taken away from that, I've never felt intimidated by anybody. Except Charlton Heston!"

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