'Priscilla' Star Cailee Spaeny 'Didn't Know' Priscilla Presley's Story Before Being Cast in Biopic

While Cailee, who plays Elvis Presley's ex-wife in a new biopic, was familiar with the couple's story, she had little idea about Priscilla's life before she was signed on for the movie.

AceShowbiz - Cailee Spaeny knew quite well the story of Elvis Presley. The 25-year-old star portrays the King of Rock and Roll's ex-wife Priscilla Presley in the biopic "Priscilla" and explained how the music icon had an impact on her life from childhood.

"I'm from the Southern Midwest. My mom was an Elvis memorabilia collector. We were raised on Elvis - and I obviously knew Priscilla and Elvis go hand-in-hand," Cailee told Empire magazine.

Despite her knowledge of Elvis, Cailee had little idea about Priscilla's remarkable life and was heavily reliant on her 1985 memoir "Elvis and Me" - which Sofia Coppola's movie is based on.

The "On the Basis of Sex" actress explained, "I knew the iconic moments and photos, but I didn't know her story. I thought that that was sort of astonishing, that her story wasn't as well-known as it should be."

Cailee got the chance to meet Priscilla several times before playing her on the big screen and got to hear an amazing story about her first encounter with the "Heartbreak Hotel" singer - who is portrayed by Jacob Elordi in the film - when she was just 14.

The actress recalled, "She couldn't eat the whole day before she went. She was starving when she got there. She was offered a bacon sandwich there, and she said, 'No, no, I'm not hungry.' She was like, 'I can't eat a bacon sandwich in front of Elvis! It'd be too embarrassing.' "

Priscilla recently admitted that she felt anxious about the new movie as it is based on her life. The 78-year-old actress told The Hollywood Reporter, "I'm so nervous because it's my life. The people who are watching, they're living it with you, and you hope and pray that they get it. They get your feelings, your hurts, your sensitivity."

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