Kourtney Kardashian Slammed for 'Putting Marine Life at Risk' With Baby Shower

The 44-year-old 'The Kardashians' star is criticized for her 'insanely wasteful' Disneyland-themed baby shower at a $9 million mansion on Sunday, September 24.

AceShowbiz - The controversy surrounding Kourtney Kardashian's lavish baby shower isn't over just yet. "The Kardashians" star has been criticized for her "insanely wasteful" Disneyland-themed baby shower at a $9 million mansion on Sunday, September 24.

In her social media posts, guests at the event could be seen donning custom Mickey Mouse hats and were treated to several Disney-themed foods. Kourtney and Travis Barker also had several clusters of clear balloons with different colors of Mickey Mouse balloons inside.

The guests were also greeted with a large balloon arch, which was made of several different colored latex balloons. There was another large matching balloon arch in the backyard where people were seated.

Upon catching wind of the posts, some Internet users dragged the couple over the Baby Barker baby shower. They were apparently angry about how many balloons were used at the bash. "100,000 marine deaths occur annually because of balloon waste... the majority of it being from these stupid parties," one critic wrote.

"Every time I see the d**n balloons I get irrationally angry. It's such a waste and such a danger," another blasted the Poosh founder. A third added, "Those balloon things stopped being cool in 2020. These people stay dated living in the past lol."

Meanwhile, a fourth said, "These people are climate criminals. So much waste and needless consumption." Another critic wrote, "Wtf does she need a baby shower for? Don't they have a warehouse where they store their c**p? As always they are so tone deaf."

Recently, Kourtney was called out by Malibu Mayor Bruce Silverstein, who accused her of lying on a permit application for her recent Poosh event. Bruce alleged that Poosh claimed Kourtney was throwing a baby shower to get the OK for an "influencer party," but later used it as a promotional party for her wellness brand.

"I understand that the event has been represented to be a baby shower that is being hosted by the owner of the property," Bruce wrote in a lengthy Facebook post shared on Saturday, September 23. "Both of those representations are contrary to what the event planner told me - which was that the house is being 'rented' for an 'influencer event.' "

Bruce noted that "it does not disturb me to have this event occur in a house in the neighborhood where I am living." He added, "As an elected official, however, I am appalled by the situation, and it helps me understand what residents throughout the city are dealing with."

The mayor went on to argue that the practice was "not a good look for the city - although it is a great ad to non-residents who want to come here and destroy the residents' peaceful enjoyment of their homes."

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