Joe Budden Admits His Feud With Cardi B Over 'Bongos' Criticism 'Hurts His Heart'

Before expressing his remorse, the 43-year-old media personality initially doubled down on his criticism on 'Bongos', saying, 'I stand on what I said about the song.'

AceShowbiz - Joe Budden wants no beef with Cardi B. The podcast host, who previously declared that he wasn't a fan of the raptress' new song "Bongos" ft. Megan Thee Stallion, admitted that the headline about their spat really "hurts [his] heart."

"I don't click on things when they can hurt me emotionally," the 43-year-old said in the latest episode of "The Joe Budden Podcast". He added, "Cardi is my girl, so when the headlines is, 'Cardi B Tears Into Joe Budden' - come on, man. That hurts. That hurts my heart."

"And I wouldn't have been saying that directly to Cardi because I f**k with Cardi," the retired rapper continued. "I was talking to a few of you other people, but now I have to address the Cardi s**t."

Joe said he understands why his comment about Cardi's new song has upset her. The media personality said that "there's plenty of room for gray area" when two people don't communicate directly, which is the case with him and the Grammy winner.

The drama between Joe and Cardi started after he stated, "I hate the song." He then noted, "It's not better than any of the songs like it. 'WAP', 'Up' it's not better than Cardi B feature."

The wife of Offset then responded to Joe's remark on Instagram Live. "I just feel like he has an issue with me," she said. "And it was beyond the critique of 'Bongos' - it's just you inviting b***hes who said the rudest, nastiest s**t … when Mal and Rory say f**k s**t about you, you get so defensive and you want to clear it up."

"You came at Taxstone because Taxstone said something about you," the mom of two further argued. "You expect people to understand you and you expect people to take your side."

Before expressing his remorse, Joe initially doubled down on his statement. "Don't play with me like that because y'all know I f**k with Cardi," he said, "But I stand on what I said about the song. And I said it pretty respectfully."

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