Elon Musk's Baby Mama Grimes Slams His 'Chaotic Evil' Ex Amber Heard
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The 'Oblivion' singer, who shares three children with the billionaire, isn't the only one who hated his ex-girlfriend Amber as his brother Kimbal Musk describes the 'Aquaman' star as a 'nightmare.'

AceShowbiz - Grimes holds nothing back in a new Elon Musk biography. The singer doesn't mince her words when commenting on his past relationship with Amber Heard, slamming the actress over her "chaotic evil" vibes.

Grimes, who dated Elon from 2018 to 2021 and shares three children with him, compares herself to the "Aquaman" star in the book. "My 'Dungeons & Dragons' alignment would be chaotic good. Whereas Amber's is probably chaotic evil," the singer tells journalist Walter Isaacson who writes the book. "He's attracted to chaotic evil."

The "Oblivion" songstress blames Elon's affinity for toxic relationships on his upbringing with his dad Errol Musk. "It's about his father and what he grew up with, and he is quick to fall back into being treated badly," she explains. "He associates love with being mean or abusive. There's an Errol-Amber through line."

Grimes isn't the only one who hates Elon's relationship with Amber. According to Walter, "[Elon's] brother [Kimbal Musk] and friends hated [Amber] with a passion that made their distaste for Justine [Wilson, Elon's first wife] pale."

According to the journalist, Kimbal describes "The Rum Diary" star as a "nightmare" in the bombshell book. "It's really sad that he falls in love with these people who are really mean to him," he says of his older brother and his exes. "They're beautiful, no question, but they have a very dark side and Elon knows they are toxic."

Walter writes that Elon was "not bred for domestic tranquility" and that most of his relationships involved "psychological turmoil." The billionaire himself admits in the book that he is "often a fool, but especially for love," and describes Amber as "brutal."

Amber, for her part, says that although she still loves Elon "very much," her ex-boyfriend has a habit of dating women who are not good for him. "Elon loves fire, and sometimes it burns him," the 37-year-old actress says as quoted in the book.

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