Arnold Schwarzenegger Wears Protective Cast After Elbow Surgery
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A few days after reportedly going under the knife due to 'nerve damage' in his elbow, the 'Terminator: Dark Fate' actor is spotted wearing a bandage covering his upper arm down to his wrist.

AceShowbiz - Arnold Schwarzenegger has been spotted with a protective cast. After reportedly going under the knife due to "nerve damage" in his elbow, the "Terminator: Dark Fate" actor appeared in good spirits despite still wearing a bandage.

On Saturday, September 9, the 76-year-old star was caught on camera when he arrived at his office in Beverly Hills. In pictures making their rounds online, it could be seen that he had a huge cast on one of his arms. The bandage covered his upper arm down to his wrist.

For the day out, Arnold sported a short-sleeved dark gray tee and a pair of black shorts. He added a pair of black sunglasses, brown leather slip-on shoes, black high socks and a brown wrist watch to complete his casual ensemble. He was also photographed carrying what appeared to be a gadget in one of his hands.

On the reason behind wearing the protective cast, a source who claimed to be close to the bodybuilder revealed that he had a surgery on Thursday, September 7. Speaking to TMZ, the source spilled that doctors put on the cast on his "entire right arm" probably for one week after undergoing a surgery due to "nerve damage" in his elbow.

The outlet additionally reported that Arnold did his last workout a few hours before going under the knife. Following the procedure, the politician is now exercising by taking a walk while soaking up the sun in Los Angeles, California.

Arnold's new sighting came a few days after he claimed that he nearly died due to doctors' "mistake." In a video uploaded earlier in September on his "Arnold's Pump Club" fitness YouTube channel, he recalled, "I remember when I had my open heart surgery, my third one... I was really freaking out."

"And I woke up all of the sudden and the doctor was standing in front of me, and saying, 'I'm so sorry, but unlike what we planned, a non-invasive surgery... we made a mistake and poked through the heart wall, and there was internal bleeding, and we had to open you up to save your life,' " he elaborated. "The bottom line is, you cannot roll the clock back. I was in the middle of a disaster... so now it's about, 'How do I get out of it?' You have to shift gears."

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