Martha Stewart Blasted Over 'Tone Deaf' Post Bragging About Using Iceberg to Chill Her Cocktails
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The former Sports Illustrated Swimsuit cover model is bombarded with backlash shortly after she shares a series of photos from her trip to the east coast of greenland via social media.

AceShowbiz - Martha Stewart has found herself in hot water for using an iceberg to chill her cocktails. Shortly after sharing a number of photos from her trip to Greenland, the former Sports Illustrated Swimsuit cover model was bombarded with criticisms from many social media users over her "tone deaf" post.

On Monday, August 28, the 82-year-old received backlash after bragging about using "a small iceberg" to keep her drinks cold via Instagram. In the comments section of her post, one Instagram user blasted her, "I generally love Martha and the excesses of her life because she's about beautiful gardens, homes, and food, but wealthy white people drinking their iceberg cocktails while the planet is in flames is a bit tone deaf."

Similarly, another joined in, "Martha I love ya. But weren't you just talking about climate change with your wash out on your driveway in NY? Melting icebergs for a cocktail surely won't help. I'm not even going to talk about the boat you're on and how that can't be good for climate change either."

A third, meanwhile, pointed out, "Hey Martha, I really love what you do for the most part, but an iceberg? When they're melting? When the planet is on fire? It's not a good look." A fourth added, "So as the climate warms due to the profits of a couple thousand people, billionaires vacation to the melting icebergs, scoop them up and use them to keep their cocktails cold."

In the post itself, Martha uploaded a series of photos from her vacation in Greenland. One of the pictures featured two chunks of ice placed on a black cart. Another snap captured her sitting on a couch in her nearly all-white ensemble while holding a glass of drink. While a third photo saw her and a group of other visitors holding glasses of champagne, a fourth one portrayed the icebergs.

Along with the pictures, the lifestyle guru wrote in the caption of the post, "End of the first zodiac cruise from @swanhelleniccruises into a very beautiful fjord on the east coast of greenland." She went on to reveal, "We actually captured a small iceberg for our cocktails tonight."

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