Artist of the Week: Selena Gomez

The 'Who Says' hitmaker is poised to dominate the charts with her musical comeback as her new catchy single has created a wave even before its official release.

AceShowbiz - Selena Gomez is back with a bang as she prepares to release her highly anticipated fourth studio album. The lead single from the album is a catchy offering titled "Single Soon," which has already created quite a buzz even before its official release on August 25.

"Single Soon" has taken the music world by storm, making its presence felt on the Hot Trending Songs Chart even before hitting the airwaves. Fans and music enthusiasts alike have been eagerly waiting to get a taste of Gomez's new sound, and they certainly aren't disappointed.

To further hype up the song, a phone number is attached to the song's poster. When dialed, curious fans are treated to a voicemail message that playfully reassures them, "Never worry about boyfriends at all." This unique marketing gimmick has only added to the excitement surrounding the song's release.

The reception for "Single Soon" has been remarkable. The track made an impressive debut at number 10 on the Global Spotify Chart, amassing a staggering 3.8 million streams and counting. This achievement solidifies Gomez's immense popularity and her ability to captivate audiences with her music.

As for the song itself, "Single Soon" is a vibrant and upbeat anthem that celebrates independence and self-love. It showcases Gomez's versatile vocals and her growth as an artist. With its infectious melody and relatable lyrics, the song has struck a chord with listeners around the world.

Fans are eagerly awaiting the release of Selena Gomez's fourth studio album, and "Single Soon" has undoubtedly whetted their appetite. With its chart success and the positive feedback it has received, it's safe to say that Gomez's upcoming album will be a hit. If "Single Soon" is any indication, it's going to be a musical journey worth experiencing.

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