Dinah Jane Likens Her Musical Comeback to 'Rebirth'

The former Fifth Harmony member feels like she's born again as she is back with a brand new solo single called 'Ya Ya' following a hiatus for three years.

AceShowbiz - Dinah Jane calls her musical comeback a "rebirth." The 26-year-old pop star - who found fame as part of Fifth Harmony - has returned to the music scene after a three-year hiatus with her new single "Ya Ya", and Dinah admits that she's currently "enjoying the whole process" of her comeback.

"It feels like a rebirth for me personally. Just jumping back into it, I didn't realise a long time ago how much I did because I was doing so much at the same time, that coming back into it I'm very proud of the hustle that I'm on. I'm just enjoying the whole process of every moment," Dinah - who previously stepped away from the music business after suffering with depression - told The Messenger.

Dinah enjoyed huge success with Fifth Harmony - but her solo material feels "more purposeful." The pop star said, "Whether it's just 'Ya Ya' the record itself, or just finally being out there. This time around, it hits different."

"I feel like it's more purposeful this time around. I don't feel so robotic, and I'm just being ultimately a hundred percent myself this time around. So it's special. It's a very, very special time right now for me, and I'm just so happy. So happy with what I'm creating."

Dinah has recently opened up about her mental health struggles, and she now considers that to be a "beautiful part of [her] journey." Reflecting on her struggles, Dinah explained, "I didn't realise that me being honest of being depressed and me sharing my honesty, it's also a beautiful part of my journey, something that I shouldn't tuck away so quickly."

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