Sally Phillips Glad to Find New Love After She's Dumped by Husband for Yoga Instructor

The 'Bridget Jones' Diary' actress dishes on her divorce from husband of 14 years Andrew Bermejo, claiming that he ditched her for a Russian yoga teacher.

AceShowbiz - Sally Phillips has a new love after her husband left her for a yoga teacher. The 53-year-old actress previously got hitched to shipping director Andrew Bermejo for 14 years but revealed she felt "very lucky to have had a second chance" after meeting current love Ian through a friend.

Sally, according to The Mirror, told broadcaster Kaye Adams at "How to Be 60 Live!" at the Edinburgh Festival, "My husband left me for a member of the Russian Yoga Federation, though I'm not legally allowed to say that anymore, but he won't listen to this."

"Fortunately, my friend introduced me to Ian, and I've been with Ian for four years now. And he's to die for. And actually, to be honest, when he kissed me, this is true. I'm going to overshare because comedians do that. But when he kissed me, I did think of that line, you need to be kissed a lot by someone who knows how. So I've met someone who knows how to kiss."

"Bridget Jones' Diary" actress Sally has three sons with her ex-husband, whom she split from in 2017 and revealed she would have stayed in the marriage for the sake of their kids. She said, "I am very, very happy with [Ian]. And I feel very lucky to have had a second chance."

"But there's always that pain, isn't there for the kids? Because my kids were quite young when it happened. And I guess I would never have left. But now he's taken all the guilt from me and done it for me. I'm quite pleased."

Sally also revealed she feels she looks "ridiculously old" on screen because she has never had Botox or fillers. She said, "I do feel my age actually. I may as well be honest. Not doing any Botox or having my face stung off by jellyfish and inserted with plastics."

"So you feel very aware every time you're on telly, every time you see yourself. I feel pretty happy in real life, but within the world of the screen, I look ridiculously old. My face has got my life etched into it. It's too late for me now to go down the whole Botox. I think that ship sailed."

"It just makes me a bit confused. You think, how am I going to act this? Because I look this way. In Sweden I play slightly younger than I am here. I play about my own age. And in America I play ten years older."

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