Megan Fox Slams 'Weirdos' Who Dragged Her for Promoting Friend's GoFundMe Page

The 'Transformers' actress finally speaks up and defends herself after facing backlash on a Reddit forum for sharing her friend's GoFundMe page that aims to raise funds to cover 'Michael's Medical Expenses.'

AceShowbiz - Megan Fox refused to stay silent after being dragged online for promoting a friend's GoFundMe page. When firing back at "weirdos" who called her out a few days ago, the "Transformers" actress also explained the reason why she did it instead of donating to her pal.

"hey weirdos," the 39-year-old wrote on Instagram Story on Thursday, July 27. "do any of you have the emotional intelligence to consider that maybe brit doesn't want her celebrity clients donating large sums of money to her because it creates a dynamic in her working relationships that makes her uncomfortable?"

"so instead she asked me to post the gofund me so that many people could donate small amounts of money to help them reach their goal," she continued. "I just obliged her request anything she needs from me personally she will ask and i will do it privately. one thing you're not going to accuse me of is being miserly or lacking generosity. so try again on another day (probably tmwr!) with some different bulls**t you bunch of psychos."

Megan faced backlash on a Reddit forum after sharing her friend's GoFundMe page that aims to raise funds to cover "Michael's Medical Expenses." In the comments section of the forum, one Reddit user deemed her a "millionaire" and stated, "Millionaire Megan Fox just posted a gofundme on her Instagram story for her friend's dad's 30 grand cancer medical bills and I am absolutely speechless."

"Megan fox sharing a gofundme for 30k has got to be a joke. as if she isn't rich as f**k and could help their friend immediately lol," another joined in. A third argued, "I feel so uncomfortable when wealthy celebrities post gofundme pages for people they know. I know we don't understand the full situation, but it always gives me an ick feeling."

A fourth also complained, "[Megan] could very much make an anonymous donation to this fund or circulate it amongst a group of coworkers who are likely far better off financially than fans. It just seems disingenuous, either this is a close enough friend that you pay off all her bills and never repost it, or it's not that close of a friend and the most effort you're willing to put into it is reposting."

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