'Millionaire' Megan Fox Slammed After Asking Fans to Donate to Her Friend's $30K Fundraiser
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The 'Good Mourning' actress is met with backlash shortly after sharing on social media a link to a GoFundMe page that aims to raise fund to cover medical expenses her pal needed.

AceShowbiz - Megan Fox has found herself under fire. Shortly after encouraging her fans to donate to her friend's $30,000 fundraiser, the "Good Mourning" actress was slammed by many for not "immediately" helping her pal herself despite being a "millionaire."

The 37-year-old beauty was hit with backlash on a Reddit forum about her sharing of her friend's GoFundMe page. In the comments section of the forum, one Reddit user deemed her a "millionaire" and stated, "Millionaire Megan Fox just posted a gofundme on her Instagram story for her friend's dad's 30 grand cancer medical bills and I am absolutely speechless."

"Megan fox sharing a gofundme for 30k has got to be a joke. as if she isn't rich as f**k and could help their friend immediately lol," another joined in, whereas a third pointed out, "I feel so uncomfortable when wealthy celebrities post gofundme pages for people they know. I know we don't understand the full situation, but it always gives me an ick feeling."

A fourth also complained, "[Megan] could very much make an anonymous donation to this fund or circulate it amongst a group of coworkers who are likely far better off financially than fans. It just seems disingenuous, either this is a close enough friend that you pay off all her bills and never repost it, or it's not that close of a friend and the most effort you're willing to put into it is reposting."

On Tuesday, July 25, Megan encouraged her devotees to help donate to her pal's fundraiser by uploading a link to his GoFundMe page on her Instagram Story. The "Transformers" actress also shared a screenshot of the platform with a title that read, "Michael's Medical Expenses."

Megan Fox Instagram Story

Megan Fox asked her fans to donate to her friend's $30k fundraiser via Instagram Story.

From the snap, it could be seen that the fundraising goal was $30,000, but the money raised so far has only reached $2,422 from 24 people. Over the photo, Megan noted, "My friends dad was just diagnosed with pancreatic cancer if you guys are able to help please do."

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