Charli XCX Claims Her Twitter Account's Hacked Following Shady Tweet About Doja Cat

The 'Boom Clap' singer takes to her Twitter account to say that it isn't her who makes the shady tweet towards the 'Say So' hitmaker as her account is allegedly hacked.

AceShowbiz - Charli XCX clarified after she appeared to throw a shade on Doja Cat on Twitter. On Tuesday, July 25, the "1999" singer claimed that it wasn't her doing as her account was allegedly hacked.

"GAY RIGHTS !" Charli wrote on the micro-blogging app. A follow-up tweet then read, "doja cat's being so grumpy !" The shady tweet unsurprisingly garnered people's attention with more than 18K retweets.

Charli, however, later clarified that someone had hacked her Twitter account. "Omg i got hacked [surprised emoji] anyways stream speed drive!" so she explained.

Fans, meanwhile, had mixed responses to Charli's alleged hacking. "Well, that's one way to put it I guess. She was hacked her intrusive thoughts," one fan wrote in an Instagram comment. One other accused Charli of lying, saying, "Hacked just to say that? Lol the lies lol own it Chuck."

Some others didn't think what Charli said was wrong. "I mean its ok for her to be shady lmao Doja's really being grumpy lately," one noted. Another opined, "I don't even think it was shade, it was the truth so why do people care."

Others were not impressed by the diss. "She wants people to stream her music lmao," one said. Another comment read, "When an artist starts doing all that cheap promo, it's time to stop making music for a wider audience and keep to your own fan base you already have."

Doja did make headlines for various things. Most recently, the "Kiss Me More" singer lashed out at her fans after learning that her supporters use "Kittenz" as the nickname of her fandom. "My fans don't name themselves s**t," Doja fumed on Threads over the weekend. She went on to state, "If you call yourself a 'kitten' or f***ing 'kittenz' that means you need to get off your phone and get a job and help your parents with the house."

In response to Doja's online rant, a fan, whose Threads handler is @thekittenzweb, asked, "What should I change my name to since you don't like the term kitten." The "Say So" singer quickly suggested, "Just delete the entire account and rethink everything it's never too late." She later, however, removed her posts without giving any explanation why.

Another devotee, in the meantime, asked Doja, "??? only using the name YOU gave your fans." The "Kiss Me More" raptress then replied in a since-deleted post, "When I was an alcoholic teen."

In addition to responding to fans naming her fanbase "Kittenz," Doja also gave her two cents on a fan using her name as the username of their Threads account. She ranted, "You making my government name ur sn is creepy as f**k." She was referring to an account with a screen name @amalazandiledlamlni.

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