Jonah Hill's Ex Sarah to Continue 'Healing' Journey After Allegedly Being Emotionally Abused by Him

When bringing up the allegation against the 'You People' actor, the pro surfer unleashes text messages between the two in which he allegedly asked her to remove any surfing photos from her Instagram with her 'a** in a thong.'

AceShowbiz - Jonah Hill's ex has accused him of being emotionally abusive during their relationship. When bringing up the allegation against the "You People" actor, Sarah Brady claimed she's been in a "healing" journey following their split.

On Friday, July 7, the 25-year-old unleashed screenshots of multiple text exchanges between her and her ex. "This is a warning to all girls. If your partner is talking to you like this, make an exit plan," she penned alongside one of the snaps. "Call me if you need an ear."

In Sarah's text messages, Jonah allegedly detailed what she could and couldn't do as his girlfriend. The text read, "If you need: Surfing with men, boundaryless inappropriate friendships with men, to model, to post pictures of yourself in a bathing suit, to post sexual pictures, friendships with women who are in unstable places and from your wild recent past beyond getting lunch or coffee or something respectful, I am not the right partner for you."

"If these things bring you to a place of happiness I support it and there will be no hard feelings. These are my boundaries for romantic partnership," Jonah allegedly wrote. After Sarah told him that she's removed the "unwanted" posts, Jonah replied, "Good start. You don't seem to get it. But it's not my place to teach you."

"I've made my boundaries clear," he continued. "You refuse to let go of some of them and you've made that clear and I hope it makes you happy."

Jonah has yet to publicly address Sarah's accusation. Sarah, however, insisted that she had not been wearing a thong but a swimsuit in the first place. She additionally noted that complied with his requests in an attempt to "protect" him from crippling anxiety.

"It's been a year of healing & growth with the help of loved ones and doctors to get back to living my life without guilt, shame and self-judgment for things as small as surfing in a swimsuit rather than a more conservative wetsuit," Sarah explained. "And I'm sure there's still much more healing from this abuse ahead of me."

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