'The Idol' Star Calls Out Feminists, Insists the Set Isn't Exploitative

In a new interview, Jane Adams, who portrays Jocelyn's (Lily-Rose Depp) label executive Nikki Katz, drags feminists while shutting down claims about exploitative atmosphere on the set.

AceShowbiz - "The Idol" star Jane Adams has a few choice words for those who criticized the HBO series. In an interview with Vanity Fair, Jane, who portrays Jocelyn's (Lily-Rose Depp) label executive Nikki Katz, ripped feminists while shutting down claims about exploitative atmosphere on the set.

"What is amazing to me is no one's listening-I've not seen that before in all my days, such a dogged 'We refuse to change the narrative,' " Jane revealed. "I especially want to say to all the feminists, 'Go f**k yourself.' "

The actor went on to note that people chose to keep criticizing the show even after female stars like Lily-Rose and Da'Vine Joy Randolph set the record straight amid reports that the show had gone "disgustingly off the rails" and been turned into "sexual torture porn." Jane fumed, "All these women that I'm working with are talking about their experience and you're not listening. You're not listening!"

Jane then expressed love for the series. "I love the show," Jane said. "These days, to certain people, you almost have to apologize when you dislike something or you love something. I don't really care anymore. That is one good thing about being a gray-haired lady - it's almost like you get a license to not care."

The actor further stressed, "Free speech is the license to offend, period, full stop. The funniest stuff, to me, is going to offend a group of people no matter what you do."

Prior to this, Jane's co-star Da'Vine defended the show amid the backlash. Da'Vine said in an interview with Variety, "I never ever saw anything. If I did see anyone being mistreated - especially since I was one of the older actors - I would have said something, or I would have walked off that set."

The Destiny depicter on the controversial series additionally denied that anything was "out of the ordinary" on the set. "There wasn't anything … abusive or crazy," she stressed. "And on top of it, I think they gave even more love, care, sensitivity and respect, due to the fact of what the actors have to do. The crew was very supportive, we knocked it out and we made something that I think was quite great and different."

"The Idol" aired its season 1 finale on July 2, earning more backlash for its twisted and confusing ending. It remains unknown if HBO decides to renew the show to a second season.

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