Machine Gun Kelly Makes Fan's 'Dreams Come True' by Punching Him in the Face

While performing at the 2023 Rock Werchter festival, the 'Forget Me Too' singer is attracted by the fan's sign that read, 'I just came from Mexico 4 U 2 punch me in the face.'

AceShowbiz - Machine Gun Kelly has made his fan's "dreams come true." While entertaining concertgoers at the 2023 Rock Werchter festival in Belgium, the "Forget Me Too" singer was met with the devotee's request to punch him in the face.

The "Emo Girl" singer punched his devotee, whose name is Marcos Cid de la Paz, in the face during his performance at the Belgium festival on Saturday, July 1. At that time, Marcos was standing at the front row in the crowd as he held up a sign that read, "I just came from Mexico 4 U 2 punch me in the face," which later attracted the singer's attention.

In response, MGK asked Marcos, "Why do you want me to punch you in the face so bad?" Marcos responded by shouting, "I love you!" MGK went on to say, "I got rings on, dude. That s**t's gonna hurt. I don't know. It's a lose-lose for me. I don't know if I'm gonna do it. I'll consider."

At one point during the show, MGK was performing one of his songs titled "My Ex's Best Friend". He approached Marcos and showed his sign to the camera. He then began swinging her left hand and punched Marcos in the face. After the punch, MGK shouted at Marcos, "I love you," while making his way back to the stage.

The moment when the 33-year-old artist swung his left hand to the fan's face was documented in a video that the singer uploaded via Instagram on Monday, July 3. Along with the footage, he wrote in the caption, "Making dreams come true," adding a hand with a thumb up emoji.

After sharing the video, the "Papercuts" singer received an appreciation from Marcos. In the comments section, Marcos wrote, "Thank you very much for making my dream come true. I do not lie when I tell you that I love you and that I can feel deep in my heart the lyrics of your songs. I waited so long to see you, and I still cannot believe this happened."

"It's not a kink or something like that (I read comments mentioning that lol). You know, I've hurt myself sometimes, and I really hope this wasn't too scary for you. These past days have been pretty hard for me toh, and you really made my day by noticing me in the crowd and being so caring about everything," Marcos continued.

"I really hope to see you again soon. You can add a couple of dates for Mexico, maybe???? Hahaha. Thank you Colson for shining a light for us who live in the darkness, even when you're feeling down. And thank you all guys for being part of this amazing band. You guys live in my heart rent free-free. EST for life," he added.

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