Summer Walker Exposes Online Troll After Being Deemed 'Stink'

After being trolled 'stink' by a social media user, the 'Ex for a Reason' songstress shares the hateful direct message along with the hater's previous sweet comments.

AceShowbiz - Summer Walker has exposed an online troll. After being deemed "stink" by the hater, the "Ex for a Reason" songstress did not hesitate to show off the hateful message on social media.

On Tuesday, July 4, the 27-year-old let out a screenshot of her direct message on Instagram Story. In the snap, she could be seen receiving a comment from one Instagram user. The user was reacting to the singer's previous Story capturing her posing with her boyfriend Lil Meech. The user's comment read, "You look like you stink girl."

However, the "No Love" singer also displayed that the troll previously appeared as one of her devotees by sending her sweet messages. The first kind message that she received read, "Because you famous girl. F**k the negative people you do you and keep that fire music. I be hearing your music all the time [three red heart emojis] thank you."

"Btw your beautiful af [a smiling emoji]," the troll continued in a follow-up message. The troll sent another adorable comment that read, "I love you so much summer [a slew of red heart emojis]." Over the snap, Summer wrote, "Lol mental illness is real."

Summer's now-deleted Instagram Story was reposted on The Jasmine Brand's Instagram page. The post did not take long to be bombarded with criticisms addressed to Summer. In the comments section of the post, one critic in particular wrote, "My thing is why ignore all her compliments and then post her insults? What does that say about you babe??" Similarly, another joined in, "Funny though how she dont post the positivity but post the negative comment."

The commenter continued, "The fan was out of line, but I think sometimes fans say stuff like that to be acknowledged because they know they don't get acknowledged when they say positive things." A third pointed out, "The fan was definitely wrong however, this definitely proves the fact that you can give these celebrities 500 compliments and get ignored but the second you say something negative they are at your neck."

Prior to exposing the online troll, Summer uploaded a photo of her and her boyfriend Meech. In the snap, she could be seen posing in front of Meech with a smile and her middle finger up in the air. Meanwhile, Meech was captured standing with his eyes closed. At that time, the two were wearing matching black outfits.

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