Kid Cudi Defends His 'Silly Goofy Self' After Being Trolled for 'Poopy Pants' Tweet

Shortly after being trolled for making a tweet about 'poopy pants,' the 39-year-old 'Porsche Topless' rapper vows to hold onto his 'childlike spirit' until he is old and grey.

AceShowbiz - Kid Cudi has defended his "silly goofy self." Having been trolled by many over his tweet about "poopy pants," the "Porsche Topless" artist declared publicly that he will always be himself and will embrace his "childlike spirit" until he is old and grey.

On Sunday, July 2, the 39-year-old responded to those mocking him through a number of tweets. In the first one, he argued, "I see people don't get my humor and that's ok but don't be an a**hole on here cuz im being myself. I dont care what anyone thinks, ima always be myself. My silly goofy self. And my friends and family love me for it."

Cudi also reacted to a now-deleted tweet from a social media critic about his childlike behavior. In response, he replied, "Soooo im suppose to like, lose my childlike spirit becuz im almost 40?? Maybe thatll be ur sad fate my friend." He went on to write, "But ima be a happy silly dude til im old and grey."

In a third tweet, the songwriter reflected on things in his life that changed as he grew older. He pointed out, "As u get older life sucks ur soul from u bit by bit and u lose that light u had inside when u were a kid. He continued, I've always fought to preserve this spirit becuz I knew I didn't want to lose it."

Kid Cudi Tweets

Kid Cudi defended his 'silly goofy self' in a number of tweets.

Earlier that same day, Cudi tweeted about "poopy pants." He wrote, "Got the grimace shake the other day... Had poopy pants for 24hrs." His tweet was soon flooded with responses. In the replies section, one stated, "39yr old saying poopy pants im cryin." Another joined in, "I had to check who tweeted this no way i just read poopy pants."

Kid Cudi Tweets

Kid Cudi tweeted about 'poopy pants.'

The backlash did not stop there. A third user let out a screenshot of Cudi's Google search result which showed that he is 39 years old. Meanwhile, a fourth complained, "Bro you are nearly 40 please reconsider the things you say."

Cudi's reaction to the trolls came nearly a month after he called out Apple Music for failing to show "proper" lyrics of his track titled "Porsche Topless". In a June 6 tweet, he wrote, "Hey Guys @AppleMusic, I put in the time to write out all my lyrics and send them to u. It's really stressful to see you guys just make up whatever lyrics you want and not include the proper lyrics that were given to you. Please fix PORSCHE TOPLESS so my fans have the correct lyrics. Thanx! Scott."

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