Dolly Parton Chasing Mick Jagger Like 'High-School Girl' During the Making of Her Rock Album
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The 'Jolene' singer talks about the challenges she faced during the making of her latest studio offering 'Rockstar' and how she had to 'run around like a high school girl.'

AceShowbiz - Dolly Parton compared herself to "a high-school girl" when trying to get Sir Mick Jagger on a song. The "9 to 5" hitmaker - who has been married to her other half for 57 years – announces that many of the songs on her star-studded rock album, "Rockstar", are her husband Carl Dean's favourites.

Her spouse is particularly a fan of The Rolling Stones star Sir Mick Jagger, 79, and she asked the rocker to appear on her cover of "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction", however, he wanted to record something new with Dolly, but she ended up chasing him around due to his hectic schedule and they ultimately ran out of time.

"I wanted him to sing on 'Satisfaction' but he wanted something new and different, which I don't blame him for that, so I wound up singing that with Pink and Brandi Carlile. We kept looking for the right song and he was doing an album in LA, and he did some stuff in Nashville, and I kept missing him everywhere. I ran him around like a high-school girl," she said at a press conference in London on Thursday, June 29 to promote the LP.

The Beatles Sir Paul McCartney, 81, and Sir Ringo Starr, 82, feature on Dolly's version of Beatles classic "Let it Be" while the record also features Stevie Nicks, 75, Sir Elton John, 76, Chris Stapleton, 45, and more.

Meanwhile, Dolly admits she isn't a fan of AI and doesn't want to leave her "soul behind" on Earth. The country music icon, 77, wouldn't want to follow in the footsteps of ABBA - who have their own avatar show "ABBA Voyage" - and have artificial intelligence turn her into a digital avatar for performance once she's left this world.

She said, "I think I've left a great body of work behind. I have to decide how much of that high-tech stuff I want to be involved because I don't want to leave my soul here on this Earth. I think with some of this stuff I'll be grounded here for ever… I'll be around, we'll find ways to keep me here."

The "Jolene" hitmaker - who has had several plastic surgery procedures including boob jobs - then joked that she doesn't have "any intelligence" and that "everything" about her was artificial.

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