Lil Uzi Vert on Critic Telling Them to Find God: 'You Don't Know Me'

While interacting with their devotees on Instagram Live, the 'Just Wanna Rock' rapper also explains that the way they talk, look and walk does not mean anything bad.

AceShowbiz - Lil Uzi Vert has responded to a critic who told them to find God. While interacting with their devotees during a livestream, the "Just Wanna Rock" rapper bluntly told off the critic by reminding that the person does not know them.

During an Instagram live, the 27-year-old spitter was met with criticism by one of their viewers. In response, they were quick to point out, "You talking about find God, come on man you don't even know me."

The Generation Now artist went on to say, "And if you telling me find God, you don't even know God. You don't know me. You don't know God. You telling me find God and you watching me."

Uzi continued by questioning, "So why you watching a person that you're telling to find God?" They further stressed, "You don't know who I really be on in real life. You don't know my life for real for real. You don't know me, man."

In that same livestream, Uzi defended their belief by arguing, "Okay what make you think I don't believe in a higher being just because of what I talk or how I talk, how I look, how I walk, how I react to stuff. That don't mean nothing, don't ever say nothin."

"Listen, let me tell you something. I know when I do wrong them ladies I was talking about - my grandma my mom - they call me when I do wrong," the hip-hop artist added. "They ain't called me this whole time because they know for real, for real, bruh. So they ain't really tripping on nothing because they know me for real I know how I was raised."

Uzi's clapback at the critic came a few days after they confirmed the release of their most recent album "The Pink Tape". On Saturday, June 3 at The Roots Picnic festival, they responded to a fan's question about their latest effort. They simply revealed at that time, "End of the month."

Uzi first hinted at their upcoming album back in 2021. When speaking to HipHopDX, they teased, "I'm feeling really good about it... Usually, I'll pump myself up even if I don't feel really good, and I'll be like 'oh this is it.' [I do that] just to like give myself that extra push but this time I really kind of think this is it."

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