Tory Lanez's Prosecutors Want Him to Serve 13 Years in Jail for Megan Thee Stallion Shooting Case

The Canadian rapper himself, who was found guilty of shooting the 'WAP' hitmaker in 2020, previously attempted to disqualify a judge in the case after his motion for a new trial was dismissed.

AceShowbiz - Prosecutors in Tory Lanez and Megan Thee Stallion's shooting case want to put him behind bars for more than a decade. It's unveiled that they want the rapper to serve 13 years in jail after being found guilty of shooting the "WAP" hitmaker in the foot after a 2020 party.

Meghann Cuniff of Los Angeles Public Press shared a memorandum online that the prosecution filed on Tuesday, June 6. It read, "Words have power and the pen is oftentimes mightier than the sword. In this case, Daystar Peterson [Lanez’s legal name] used both... Not content to have hurt the victim by use of his sword (gun), he also used his pen. His online posts for nearly three years have re-traumatized the victim."

"His online reach is worldwide (millions of followers plus casual observers) and the defendant's statements embolden his followers so that they too have been complicit in re-traumatizing the victim," the memo added. "He is responsible for the effect of his words and his actions."

In May, it was unveiled that Tory attempted to disqualify a judge in his case after his motion for a new trial was dismissed. "Herriford went through the seven main arguments from Lanez's lawyers and dismantled each one. He concluded there were no errors. But he also said even if he concluded each error existed, the errors didn't have a material affect on the outcome of the trial to warrant a new trial," Meghann tweeted out from the courtroom at the time.

According to the journalist, the judge concluded, "In the end, the jury believed the prosecution's case beyond a reasonable doubt." She reported that the judge "called out Lanez's lawyers for not mentioning any of the other evidence against Lanez when they focused on perceived problems with some evidence."

The judge set June 13 at 10:30 A.M. as the time of the sentencing. In what Meghann described as "a jaw-dropping move," Tory's lawyers filed a motion to disqualify Judge Herriford from the case and argued that they didn't think the judge could issue his ruling until the motion was resolved. Judge Herriford disagreed, though.

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