Arnold Schwarzenegger Insists He's Not 'Self-Made Man'
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The bodybuilder-turned-actor refuses to be called a 'self-made man' because he believes he owes his success to people who have helped him throughout the years.

AceShowbiz - Arnold Schwarzenegger insists he was "made in America." The 75-year-old movie star claims he's not a "self-made man" and that he has lots of people to thank for his success.

"I always said you can call me anything you want, but don't call me a self-made man, because I'm not. Who made me? We can say god, or we can say my mother and my father," Arnold - born in Austria but moved to the US to pursue a career in bodybuilding - told Interview magazine.

The actor has received helping hands throughout his rise to stardom, and the actor believes that America gave him an opportunity to transform his life.

He retired from bodybuilding in 1980 to become a Hollywood star, and said, "People that helped me, like this guy with the radio, or in the military, or Joe Weider (the creator of the Mr Olympia bodybuilding award) who brought me to America, or (Charles) 'Wag' Bennett in London who let me stay at his house and helped me with the English language and was a judge in a Mr. Universe contest. I'm the last one to say, 'I'm a self-made man.' I would say I was born in Austria, made in America."

Meanwhile, Schwarzenegger previously claimed that he needed to show resilience when he made the switch to the US. Speaking to Men's Health magazine, he said, "I see it in the gym. I see guys I meet in the gym that are from Austria. They're aggressive."

"They're from Israel, they're from France, they're from Germany, from Russia, from all kinds of different places. And they find their way, because what happens when you're a foreigner is, you have the work ethic."

"You know that you have to struggle from the beginning; otherwise you wouldn't be leaving your country. If you had this wonderful, rosy atmosphere, you would not want to leave."

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