Damon Albarn's Gold Tooth Accidentally Fell Off During 'Exuberant' Performance

The Blur lead vocalist accidentally lost his gold tooth while delivering an 'exuberant' performance during a live gig at Eastbourne's Winter Garden over the weekend.

AceShowbiz - Damon Albarn knocked out his gold tooth with his "exuberant" performance on Sunday, May 21. The Blur frontman was delighting fans at the group's warm-up gig at Eastbourne's Winter Garden with a rare outing of "Coping" - which was taken from their 1993 album "Modern Life Is Rubbish" and last performed live by the band in 2003 - when his energetic vocals led to a dental mishap.

"The gold tooth… It's a transitory thing. During the second chorus, I blew it out with my exuberance. And it fell on the floor, it's come back to me but it no longer has its gold on it. I mean, f*** knows what I've got now," he told the crowd after the song. He then quipped, "I should have got some Fiaxdent or something."

The gig was the second of four intimate shows for the band - who made their live return with a homecoming show at Colchester Arts Centre on Friday, May 19 - ahead of their two Wembley Stadium headline gigs in July, and it gave them the opportunity to introduce two of their new songs.

The show opened with "St. Charles Square" and, during the encore, they played latest single "The Narcissist" while, midway through the gig, Damon encouraged the audience to chant, "Darren, Darren" in honour of the title of their upcoming album, "The Ballad of Darren".

Paying tribute to the 30th anniversary of their second album "Modern Life Is Rubbish", the band played a number of rarely-heard tracks from the record, including "Advert", "Sunday Sunday", "Chemical World", and "For Tomorrow".

Phil Daniels made a brief guest appearance for a raucous version of "Parklife" towards the end of the main set in a hit-filled segment that also included the likes of "Song 2" and "To the End".

The band took a brief break after "This Is a Low", returning for a five-song encore of "Girls + Boys", "The Narcissist", "Tender", "For Tomorrow", and closer "The Universal", for which Damon jumped into the crowd to sing aloft fans' shoulders.

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