Padma Lakshmi Rips Hater for Saying She Has 'Fat Arms'
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In a new video shared on her TikTok page, the 52-year-old 'Top Chef' host responds to an online troll who mocks her for having 'fat arms' and suggests her to do 'lift weights.'

AceShowbiz - Padma Lakshmi hits back at online trolls commenting on her body. Making use of her TikTok account, the "Top Chef" host clapped back at someone who mocked her for having "fat arms."

"Somebody commented yesterday on my Instagram that I had fat arms," Padma recalled in her Thursday, May 18 TikTok video as she cooked in the kitchen. She added, "And should lift weights."

Someone offscreen was then later heard asking, "Do you have anything to say to them?" In response to the question, the reality TV star looked into the camera while holding up her middle finger. In the caption, Padma wrote, "#bodypositivity."

Padma's fiery response to the hater arrived after she posed for the 2023 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. "This is me," she wrote alongside a video of her on set which saw her posing in the water in a gold, reflective bikini. "I wouldn't go back to my 20s if you paid me all the money in the world."

In an accompanying interview, Padma revealed why she thought it was the right time for her to pose for the publication. "I was a little bit freaked out because I knew that I couldn't get as tight and lean as I could if I had some more time," the "Taste the Nation" host told SI Swimsuit.

She continued, "But then I just looked in the mirror and I reminded myself, I'm not here because I'm the world's greatest model. I'm here because I'm me. I'm not getting this in my 20s. I'm getting this now, at this point, and it's so much sweeter because I'm doing it now."

It wasn't the first time for the mom of one to talk about embracing her body. "It's important to show women of all ages, body types, [and] skin colors and show that beauty is so vast and broad of a spectrum," she said during her appearance on "Today" on May 2. "When young women see this, I hope they see that they have a long life to live."

The "Tomatoes for Neela" author continued, "And that experience and wisdom and going through stuff actually makes you more interesting and enriches you as a person, both physically but also inside."

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