Taylor Lautner Hilariously Cautions John Mayer Ahead of Taylor Swift's 'Speak Now' Re-Release
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Making an appearance on 'Today' show with his wife, the 'Twilight' actor shares his thoughts on being the subject of a breakup song in the album, which is set to be re-released in July.

AceShowbiz - Taylor Lautner has hilariously cautioned John Mayer. During an appearance on "Today" show, the "The Twilight Saga's Breaking Dawn Part II" actor shared his thoughts on him and the "Your Body is a Wonderland" crooner becoming the subject of songs on Taylor Swift's 2010 album "Speak Now".

On Tuesday, May 16, the 31-year-old actor, along with wife Taylor Dome, had a sit-down on the show to talk about their podcast "The Squeeze" when the topic was brought up. He was asked by the hosts about the upcoming re-release of his ex-girlfriend's album.

Seemingly finding the question amusing, Lautner laughed and said, "I think it's a great album. Yeah, I feel safe." He went on to make a reference to Swift's other ex, who was speculated to be behind her "Dear John" single, by quipping, "Praying for John."

Lautner dated Swift in 2009 at the height of his "Twilight" stardom. The two, however, parted ways that same year. Their love story was believed to be written into a song by the pop star when "Back to December" was released.

Mayer himself dated Swift for a short period of time in between 2009 and 2010. He was speculated to be the subject of her "Dear John" song. While Lautner was described positively in "Back to December", Mayer was pictured as an ex-lover who "messed with" Swift and had "dark twisted games."

Elsewhere in the interview, Lautner and his wife, who goes by the nickname Tay, talked about one of their memorable moments while recording for their podcast. He recounted the time they had Natalie Joy and her fiance as their guests. He shared that Natalie was relaxed enough to disclose a private subject that she did not intend on sharing.

"Just there on the spot, she felt comfortable enough that she looked at her fiance, she looked at us, took a moment and was like, 'Yeah, I want to talk about this,' " he recalled the recording of Joy's episode.

Lautner went on to reveal his and his wife's purpose in having a podcast. He said, "That's the ultimate validation to us because we really want to provide a safe space for all of our guests, especially when it's talking about subject matter like that. Hopefully, we can provide that safe space for everybody we have on."

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