Kanye West Has Cross Shaved on the Back of His Head
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The 45-year-old Yeezy designer is also trolled as he wears black padded knee-high 'shoe-socks' during an outing with his wife Bianca Censori in Los Angeles.

AceShowbiz - Kanye West made headlines after he unveiled a new hair style. The "Donda" artist apparently evoked more Christian imagery as a new picture showed that he has shaved a cross on the back of his head.

The 45-year-old rap star rocked the new haircut in a recent outing in Los Angeles. During the outing, the Yeezy designer donned a black leather top and his controversial tights.

In response to Ye's new hair style, fans had a lot to say. "Everything is a statement fucking wit buddy!" one fan commented on Instagram. Some others sent well wishes to the former husband of Kim Kardashian. "I hope bro doing alright," one fan said, while another added, "Hope all is well over there. Keep up the great work."

"What if he pulled the bottom part of the Cross to the front of his head and the arms to the left and right LIKE AVATAR THE AIRBENDER," one user trolled. Someone also mentioned Ye's adoration for Nazi, saying, "im shocked it's not a swastika."

Some fans, meanwhile, commented on Ye's leggings. "Yeggins again," one user said. "I love Kanye, but he needs to stop with the tights thing," another shared.

The cross haircut wasn't the only bizarre thing from Ye's look. He sported black padded knee-high "shoe-socks." Fans quickly trolled Ye for the footwear with one saying, "[These] ain't shoes, those are my soccer knee pads my mom sold in the last garage sale she had."

Another joked, "Because you have money, don't mean you got taste." One other said, "Kanye is wearing kick pads now?!"

During the outing, Ye was joined by his wife Bianca Censori. The Yeezy architectural designer matched Ye's eyebrow-raising look by going braless as she donned a white tank top and leggings. She additionally used her leggings' waistband to hold her phone instead of putting it in the paper bag that she brought with her.

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