Boosie Badazz Shows Disgust at Met Gala, Thinks It Should Be for Women

In other news, the Baton Rouge rapper, who was diagnosed with kidney cancer in 2015, takes to his Instagram account to celebrate the fact that he's now cancer free.

AceShowbiz - Boosie Badazz (Lil Boosie) is seemingly not a fan of Met Gala. The Baton Rouge rapper made use of his Twitter account to blast the biggest fashion event of the year after seeing some of the photos coming out from it.

Weighing on the annual Met Gala, which took place at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in Manhattan on Monday, May 1, the "Wipe Me Down" spitter expressed disgust on his page. He wrote on Tuesday, "MET GALA SMH WTF UGHH."

In a follow-up tweet, Boosie noted that the star-studded event should only be for women. "I THINK MET GALA SHOULD BE FOR WOMEN ONLYLET THE WOMEN SHINE #theydeserveit," he tweeted.

Boosie Badazz's tweets

Boosie Badazz commented on the Met Gala.

It remains to be seen what prompted Boosie to make those tweets, but fans believed that he was upset by Lil Nas X's Met Gala outfit. For the occasion, the Grammy winner went nearly naked as he wore nothing but a metallic thong and platform booties. The "Industry Baby" hitmaker almost got unrecognizable as he was covered in silver body paint and sparkly rhinestones all over his body and face.

In other news, Boosie celebrated the fact that he's now cancer free. On the same day, the hip-hop star revealed on Instagram, "Stayed up all night praying for these results. CANCER FREE! GOD [is] GREAT, BUT HE [TESTS] YOUR FAITH ALL THE TIME!" He added, "[I] was ready to see my cancer doctor/surgeon today, but I was told he passed last year. Thank [you], Dr. Wood, for always making me laugh when I was down. [You] were the best."

Further remembering his doctor, Boosie added, "I remember you rubbin my head when I was cryin before surgery. You ask me why I was crying n I told U I was thinkin about all the wrong I've done n my life n you said Mr. Boosie, God forgives n don't worry, I've done more surgeries than you've done concerts."

Boosie was diagnosed with kidney cancer back in 2015. Later in December of the same year, he gave fans an update on his condition, noting that he underwent a successful surgery that removed the cancer from his kidney.

He also slammed people who accused him of faking the cancer. "I'm tired of these stupid mothaf**kas saying I ain't have cancer sending me DMs asking why am I lying saying I had cancer," he wrote on Instagram at the time. "Who wants to fake or lie about something like that not me ,not a real one wtf u mad cause I asked for prayers n gottem /I don't get it / well mf's this my cancer scar a week after my surgery (FACTS)."

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