Kenneth Branagh Praises Jamie Dornan and Jude Hill's 'Camaraderie' in 'A Haunting in Venice'
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The actor/director, who reprises his 'Death on the Nile' role in the upcoming sequel, heaps praises on his co-stars for bringing 'a really positive effect' on set.

AceShowbiz - Sir Kenneth Branagh is thankful to be playing Hercule Poirot again in "A Haunting in Venice". Reprising his role as Agatha Christie's sleuth in the upcoming film, the 62-year-old star is delighted to have the chance to make another movie after the challenges of the previous installment "Death on the Nile" - which was hit by delays due to the coronavirus pandemic and sexual misconduct allegations surrounding star Armie Hammer.

"('Death on the Nile's') theatrical release was challenged for various reasons, but it still did exceptional numbers in the circumstances. And then the streaming performance was really exceptional. So I was very pleased when they came back to us, for sure," Kenneth told The Hollywood Reporter.

He continued, "I was particularly grateful to the single determining factor, really, which was the audience. The audience seems to want it, and they seem to be ready for another. So we were happy to try and do one."

Kenneth reunites with "Belfast" stars Jamie Dornan and Jude Hill on the mystery movie and felt that the pair's bond was important on the set of the film - which is slated for release in September.

The "Artemis Fowl" director said, "Jude and Jamie's rapport and camaraderie was vital. It had a really positive effect on the rest of the cast, because actors can sometimes feel very nervous coming into these films."

"It almost feels like you're arriving at a new school where everybody already knows each other, but Jude and Jamie's generosity - and their clear ease with me - was a really good, helpful sign for the other actors. So I was most grateful that they were involved."

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