Madison Beer Confesses to Putting on Facade During Suicidal Period

Thankful that her attempts in taking her own life were unsuccessful, the 'Selfish' singer admits she made the near-tragic decisions at the time because she was left overwhelmed by outside pressures.

AceShowbiz - Madison Beer was putting up a "facade" before she tried to take her own life. During an appearance on "The Drew Barrymore Show", the "Selfish" singer also admitted that she actually believed her suicidal thoughts were "normal" at one point in time.

"I got to the point that things caught up with me that I had never acknowledged, I never wanted to face," the 24-year-old star said. "I feel like I was sort of putting on this facade and living this role I had been assigned for so long and it all caught up to me one day and then one day turned into weeks and months and, honestly, I feel like it was at least year that I was always in this sort of, like, suicidal ideation mindset."

Madison confessed to being overwhelmed by outside pressures at the time. She shared, "It felt very normal to me to think about that at the end of every day, and then that wasn't until I ended up actually making an attempt. It was, thankfully, obviously unsuccessful."

"I don't know, it just all became too much and that's when I also decided, 'OK, clearly there's something more for me to live for.' I wasn't successful and I want to do something with that," she went on to confess. "I want to be able to say I made the choice to live and, what am I gonna do now? What does that mean?"

In early April, Madison revealed she feels "grateful" to have survived two suicide attempts. The singer told the "Call Her Daddy" podcast, "I did attempt twice and I'm really grateful that I was obviously unsuccessful."

"But I think people need to understand that it's really serious and not something to joke about," she further elaborated. "My life was almost over. I almost died. I almost was dead because of all of this. And it's a lot to comprehend. It's a lot for me to think about."

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