Todd Chrisley's Former Daughter-in-Law Accuses Him of Bullying and Acting Racist to Her
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Alexus 'Lexi' Whilby, who was married to the disgraced star's oldest son Kyle Chrisley from 2014 to 2018, claims she 'endured the bullying comments for years in silence.'

AceShowbiz - Todd Chrisley allegedly lashed out at his former daughter-in-law Alexus "Lexi" Whilby. Alexus, who was previously married to the "Chrisley Knows Best" star's oldest son Kyle Chrisley, claimed that Todd bullied her through racist tweets and threatening voicemail messages.

Alexus, who is black, told Daily Mail on Wednesday, April 26, "I endured the bullying comments for years in silence, but karma dealt with it so that I didn't have to." Referring to Kyle's biracial daughter with another ex Chloe, she added, "To see a grown man and public figure, who is the grandfather to a beautiful black child, say those horrible things was shocking."

Back in 2015, Todd labeled Alexus a "fame seeking w***e" on Twitter. In a separate post, the former businessman further slammed Alexus by calling her "ashy skinned HO."

She also shared a voicemail message that was allegedly sent by the disgraced star to her. "No darling, you don't need protection. You need an attorney," Todd, who is currently serving a 12-year prison sentence for tax evasion and fraud, could be heard saying in the audio. "Call your brothers. Find out about that trust that you've got - that's got that $100 million in it because I'm coming to get my part of it."

He later said that a lawsuit he filed against Alexus, who was married to Kyle from 2014 to 2018, is "not a vendetta" but rather about "forcing her to do the right thing." The news outlet claimed that the message came after Todd discovered that his ex-daughter-in-law had "aided the Georgia Department of Revenue in its investigation into his tax fraud scheme" in 2017.

Todd's rep has yet to comment on the reports, but Todd previously claimed that Alexus was trying to "extort" him. "Folks, Alexus Whilby tried to extort our family 4 20k or tell the press we r racist, we chose 2 keep the 20k and see her in court. #slander," he tweeted in December 2014. 

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