Lil Nas X Slams Elon Musk Amid Twitter's Blue Check Drama
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After the micro-blogging site gives the rapper's account the blue check mark despite him not paying for verification, the Grammy-winning musician is quick to explain himself.

AceShowbiz - Lil Nas X makes sure to let people know that he's still against Twitter's new policy regarding its blue check mark. After the micro-blogging site gave his account the blue check mark despite him not paying for verification, the "Old Town Road" hitmaker was quick to explain himself.

"On my soul, I didn't pay for Twitter Blue," the rapper wrote on the blue bird app on Saturday night, April 22 in response to some fans who appeared to think that he was lying about his stance. He then threatened Elon Musk, the app's new CEO, as he added, "You will feel my wrath, Tesla man!"

Lil Nas X's tweet

Lil Nas X slammed Elon Musk over free Twitter blue check mark.

Twitter recently sparked controversy as it removed the legacy verified users as the only way to gain the check mark is by paying $11/month for subscription. Elon, however, admitted that he personally paid for several notable public figures' Twitter Blue subscriptions after they refused to do so. "I'm paying for a few personally," the tech mogul revealed, adding that he paid for William Shatner, LeBron James and Stephen King.

Meanwhile, fans trolled Lil Nas X upon reading his tweet. "Not you getting a billionaire sugar daddy!" one fan joked. Another follower replied, "I'll buy it for you. I'll buy you anything. I'll give you the world baby girl. One dm please bb." Someone, meanwhile, told Lil Nas X how get rid of the blue check mark, saying, "Change your name and then change it back, apparently that gets rid of it."

However, not everyone was in the mood to joke around as some others decided to respond with hate comments. "You already sold your soul," one other wrote. Similarly, one person said, "you mean the soul you sold to satan? you're never beating the satan allegations."

Even though Lil Nas X insisted that he wasn't lying about not willing to give into Elon's new pay-for-verification policy, one user was still convinced that the musician was. The person said, "lying about not being straight and lying about paying for twitter blue- pick a struggle."

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