Nicolas Cage Vows He'll Never Eat Cockroaches Again for a Movie
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The 59-year-old Oscar winner previously revealed that he was asked to swallow a raw egg in the script of the 1988 movie, but he chose to eat cockroaches instead.

AceShowbiz - Nicolas Cage has recalled his bug-eating experience. Claiming that he ate cockroaches twice for his role in the 1988 comedy "Vampire's Kiss", the actor vowed that he will never do it again.

The 59-year-old made the revelation when speaking to Yahoo! Entertainment. "I'll never do that again... I'm sorry I did it at all," he said. "I ate [roaches] twice because the director did it as a prank."

Cage previously revealed that he was asked to swallow a raw egg in the script, but he chose to eat cockroaches instead. "I saw it as a business decision because when people see the cockroach go in my mouth…[they] really react," he stated on the film's DVD commentary track.

While Cage doesn't eat cockroaches in his new film "Renfield," his co-star Nicholas Hoult does eat the fake ones. "The cockroaches I got to eat in this were caramel," Hoult shared to Yahoo! Entertainment. "I also had crickets that were actually quite yummy; they were salt and vinegar flavored or barbecue smoky flavored."

"[Hoult] ate a potato bug, so he took it to another level," Cage added about his co-star. "[Potato bugs] are terrifying to me, and so are cockroaches."

Hoult then disclosed that the potato bugs didn't taste good. The "Warm Bodies" star added, "It didn't dry out so good, and tasted every bit of bug."

Cage, meanwhile, argued that eating bugs could solve a real-world issue although he won't do it again. "If you could get rid of your fear, your phobia of eating insects, you could solve world starvation, he noted. "High protein, no fat, excellent nutrients, abundance. They're everywhere! But nope - not gonna happen."

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