Kerry Katona 'Sad' Her Former Atomic Kitten Bandmates Won't Speak to Her
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While she insists that 'there's no bad blood' from her point of view, the 42-year-old star claims that her attempts to repair her rift with Liz McClarnon and Natasha Hamilton were to no avail.

AceShowbiz - Kerry Katona thinks it is "really sad" the rest of Atomic Kitten won't speak to her. The 42-year-old star, who was part of the "Whole Again" girl group from 1998 until 2001 and again for a brief stint in 2013, claimed she has tried "so many times" to repair her rift with her former bandmates Liz McClarnon and Natasha Hamilton, who now perform in the group with her replacement, Jenny Frost.

She wrote in her column for new! magazine, "I was really shocked to hear the heartbreaking news that S Club 7 star Paul Cattermole has died at the age of 46. I wasn't close to Paul, but we were part of the same pop era and had crossed paths. We did a lot of gigs together and he was a lovely guy. It's devastating - my thoughts go out to his family and friends. When something like this happens, it brings home how I feel about my relationship with the Atomic Kitten girls. It's really sad that we don't talk. I've reached out to them so many times. Life is too short."

Kerry previously admitted she was "absolutely devastated" when the girl group reunited without her to support Blue on tour last year. Writing in her column at the time, she admitted, "I saw that Atomic Kitten are reuniting for a tour because there were a few articles in the press saying that I'd been snubbed. I wasn't asked to be involved in it and I can't lie, I'm absolutely devastated. I do feel gutted about it."

Kerry insisted "there's no bad blood" from her point of view, and she isn't sure why the trio doesn't speak to her anymore. She added, "I don't know why the girls don't speak to me. But I love them to bits and I want nothing but happiness for them. I wish them all the best! There's no bad blood on my side."

The blonde beauty has also claimed her not being part of the line-up was good for the band's publicity. She recently said, "Well you know what's good for the girls, the fact that I'm not on the line-up - that's what's getting them the press. To this day I don't know what it is I've done. I love the girls to bits, I went through something with them that I'll never go through with anybody else in my life. I wish them nothing but love and happiness. I'm so jealous, I would love to be on the stage with the girls - I really would."

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