Savannah Chrisley Has 'Tough' Easter Celebration Amid Parents' Prison Sentence
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When sharing how her holiday went without her parents, the 'Chrisley Knows Best' star showers her father with praises as she gushes she 'couldn't ask for a better man.'

AceShowbiz - Savannah Chrisley has had a "tough" Easter celebration. A few months after her parents began serving their prison sentences due to bank fraud and tax evasion, the oldest daughter of Todd Chrisley and Julie Chrisley candidly shared with her fans how her first Easter holiday went without the two of them.

Over the Easter weekend, the 25-year-old made use of Instagram Story to express how she really felt. "Tough day without mama and daddy," she began to note over a backyard photo. Despite her grief, she motivated herself by saying, "We can do it though! Our ressurection is coming [red heart emoji]."

The "Chrisley Knows Best" star also let out another post in which she shared encouraging words, "This week... don't be afraid of mistakes. Be decisive. Call the shot and live with the result. Rely on your will to win. Your ability to make any decision work. No need to play it safe or be perfect."

Savannah's sharing did not stop there. Once again making use of Instagram Story, she unleashed a photo of Kevin Leman's book titled "Be the Dad She Needs You to Be". Over the snap, she noted, "Found this in my dad's bedside table. This one hit hard… this book is my dad. He put in the work in every single day… I couldn't ask for a better man."

Days before, Savannah came out with a video capturing family photos and Bible verses that covered her refrigerator doors. Along with the April 5 post, she got candid about celebrating Easter without her parents. "As this holiday weekend rolls around all I feel is grief. In 25 years I have never spent a single holiday without my sweet mama and daddy," she lamented.

"Not only is Easter this weekend… but my daddy's birthday is tomorrow. OH HOW I PRAY FOR TIME TO FLY! Can it be Monday already," she continued. "When you lose someone special, your world lacks its celebratory qualities. Holidays magnify that loss. The sadness deepens and the loneliness can feel isolating."

The reality TV star additionally shared the lessons she learned by saying, "What I have learned is the need for support may be the greatest during the holidays. Pretending you don't hurt and/or it isn't a harder time of the year is just not the truth for you. But you can – and will – get through the holidays."

"Rather than avoiding the feelings of grief, lean into them. It is not the grief you want to avoid, it is the pain. No one can take that pain away, but grief is not just pain, grief is love," she went on to add. "I LOVE YOU MAMA AND DADDY!"

Savannah was never shy in publicly expressing her thoughts. When celebrating her father's 54th birthday in early April, she paid tribute to him using an Instagram post. Alongside a family picture, she penned, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY DADDY!! I miss you more than you'll ever know."

"It's been 80 days… 80 days since I last received a 'goodnight my angel' text or and 'I love you more.' GEEZZZ how I miss them!! My parents have also been together almost 30 years… and in that 30 years never have they ever spent a birthday apart," she added. "So today… I'm imagining us all together in one bear hug circle!! #happybirthday."

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