'American Idol': Eurythmics Star Dave Stewart's Daughter Kaya Exits on Hollywood Week

Kaya Stewart announces her decision to quit during the Hollywood Week in an emotional goodbye that brings her duet partner Fire Wilmore and judge Katy Perry to tears.

AceShowbiz - Another "American Idol" contestant left the show midway. Kaya Stewart, who is the daughter of Eurythmics star Dave Stewart, decided to quit the singing competition series in an emotional goodbye that brought her duet partner Fire Wilmore and judge Katy Perry to tears.

During the Hollywood Week, Kaya teamed up with Fire to sing "Whataya Want from Me" by Adam Lambert. "We're young women who both have really big goals and really big voices and you'll find that out in a second when we sing," Kaya explained in the Monday, April 3 episode.

However, Kaya woke up next day "really sick." Her condition got even worse throughout the day to the point she struggled to remember the song's lyrics. "I'm just like, I feel bad," she said. "I don't know [the song] well enough 'cause I haven't been running it at all and 'cause I've been basically dying. I just… I'm so nervous about getting up and doing it."

"I always want to give my best and I'm not giving my best here and I don't think it's a fair representation of myself to do that or for Fire either. I don't think it's fair on her to not give 100% when she's giving 100%," she continued.

When Kaya and Fire took the stage in front of the judges, the former announced her decision to step away from the competition. "Hi everybody. I have a little announcement to make," she said. "I got sick at the beginning of Hollywood week and I have been trying to push myself and keep going and during this performance I got to work with Fire and it was such a great experience."

Gushing over her partner, Kaya continued, "She's so talented and so incredible and we bonded so much. But I realize that I wasn't able to give 100% so I've decided to not perform. But Fire is going to perform and I'm really grateful that I got to be here and thank you guys, but I'm not gonna be performing."

She later confirmed that by not performing that night, it meant that she left the show. "Yeah, so me not performing today means I'm no longer gonna be in the competition," she said while crying. "I have to leave. I'm sorry, I'm really sorry."

Following her departure, Fire proceeded with a very emotional performance, during which she broke down crying, with rock singer Jayna Elise. Katy and Lionel Richie also couldn't help but cry upon watching the performance. Fire moved to the next round.

Kaya's exit came after fellow contestant Sara Beth Liebe quit the show in the previous episode. "The musician's lifestyle has just been something that's been a part of my life," the young mom, who previously slammed Katy for her "hurtful" mom-shaming comment, told the judges. "There was never a question of what I wanted to do with my life. That was just always going to be what I was going to do."

Despite Katy's attempt to make her stay, Sara was determined to leave. "I am really humbled and grateful and Katy had some really nice things to say. I wish my kids were a little older. I understand what a big opportunity this is, but I want to go home. I'm sure when I get home, I'll probably regret it. I probably will go, 'Sara, you should have stayed, and you should have done it,' " she explained.

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