Jack Black Thinks It May Be 'Cooler' to Ditch Blue Tick on Twitter as He Refuses to Pay Fee

The 'School of Rock' actor is going to call Elon Musk's 'bluff' and see if his verification status will really be taken away if he doesn't subscribe to Twitter.

AceShowbiz - Jack Black finds it "not cool" to pay for a blue tick on Twitter. The 53-year-old "School of Rock" star gave his two cents on the new rules coming into force on the social media site since tech billionaire Elon Musk took over - with high profile figures and companies being asked to pay a subscription fee to retain their verified status - insisting he has no intention of handing over any cash to keep his blue tick and plans to call Musk's "bluff" on the matter.

"I don't know if I'm going to pay for it. I'm a little embarrassed by the blue check to be honest with you. Maybe it's cooler not to have checks. It's definitely not cool to pay for it. I'm gonna see what happens if I don't pay for it. I'm gonna call his bluff, see if he really takes my check away," Black explained to Variety.

The movie star then joked, "Then I'm going to hold a big press conference to bring attention to this weird injustice."

Fellow actor Chris Pratt also spoke to the publication about Twitter's overhaul and insisted he doesn't yet know if he will be signing up to the monthly $8 fee to keep his blue tick. Pratt said, "I don't know [if I will pay for it]."

"I care deeply about all of [my followers]. I'll do whatever I have to do to stay a part of their lives because I respect their attention and I love to use it as an opportunity to talk to them when I'm doing movies and stuff."

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