Taylor Swift Teased by Fans After Surprise Stage Dive During 'Eras Tour'

In one of viral moments from her concert as part of her ongoing tour, the 'Anti-Hero' singer literally dives head first into the stage during one of her musical sequences.

AceShowbiz - Taylor Swift's stage act has never failed to amaze fans. Swifties have been left in awe after the country-turned-pop superstar performed a stage dive during one of her concerts as part of her much-anticipated "The Eras Tour".

The 12-time Grammy winner literally dove into the stage while kicking off the tour in Glendale, Arizona over the weekend, disappearing into the floor. In videos captured by fans, she wore a floor-length green ruffled dress as she elegantly strolled around the stage during one of her musical sequences.

The 33-year-old stopped at a spot and then surprisingly jumped into a square-shaped hole on stage. A stage effect was used to create a green splash as if she had dived into a green ocean. After she took the plunge, images of the "Anti-Hero" songstress swimming back toward the main stage were shown on the stage.

The sequence ended with Swift disappearing underwater as a huge wave splashed over the large screen, sending ripples throughout the stage. Once the wave dissipated, she reappeared in a new purple outfit, climbing her way up a latter to the clouds to sing "Lavender Haze".

Fans couldn't help being stunned by Swift's stage act, with many praising the "creative" moment online. "That's a special effect genius," one of them gushed, while another called it a "great transition" into her "Midnights" era.

Others joked about the stage dive, with one saying they couldn't "believe she held her breath under water for that long!" Another jokingly suggested that Swift was "now searching for that swimming olympic medal."

"Queen of swimming," one fan boasted, while another concertgoer marveled, "EXCUSE ME TAYLOR SWIFT JUST DID A DIVE HEAD FIRST INTO THE STAGE WHAT."

Swift officially kicked off her "Eras" tour on Friday, March 17 at Arizona's State Farm Stadium. She delivered 44 songs during the epic three-hour set.

"I can't even go into how much I've missed you. I don't know how to process all of this and how it's making me feel right now. [But] let me start by saying you're making me feel fantastic," she told fans as it has been five years since she last toured, during which time she has released three new albums. She added, "I'm trying to tell you I love you and I'm babbling."

The "Lovers" singer will next head to Las Vegas for a two-night show at Allegiant Stadium on March 24 and March 25.

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